Why The Clubhouse App Will Dominate 2021


The Clubhouse app is just what the world needed! With years passing by, the internet continues to introduce innovations. These came with various communication platforms like Yahoo, Skype, and the like. Another wave came to sweep the net with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik-Tok, driving traffic to social pages and even to businesses.

This wave continues to bring more while breathing life to the concepts that once existed, thus granting another twist to the way people meet up, network, and gather.

From this, you have an upcoming social media platform with a unique twist: it uses live audio. Among major social media platforms, you have this unique newcomer: Clubhouse.

Today, we will look at what Clubhouse is and what it has in store for everyone. 2021 kicks off in bringing in a lot of new trends. To start, we will look at what this live audio social media platform brings to the table. We will also learn about a Nebraska realtor, April Tucker, who is using this app for professional enrichment and to help her business grow in the new year.

The Clubhouse App: What Is It?

The Clubhouse app is an up-and-coming social media app that offers a unique twist to the way we look at social media. What makes this different from the rest? It uses an audio-only approach as its communication medium.

This sets up an interesting angle for communication. Here, you can share your thoughts with other people within that same room. This also includes constructive criticisms and insights.

This particular setup provides a chance to join the conversation with prominent figures. After all, Clubhouse is a rather popular platform between industry professionals and celebrities.

You also get to meet media personalities, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs like April Tucker. Here, they can share stories and advice to help and enlighten each other.

What you have here is a safe space for constructive conversations. It is also a haven where people share details deemed too personal for Twitter or Instagram.

Despite this setup, it is still in its beta phase. This explains the exclusivity at the moment.

It lets the developers iron out the features that this platform has. Even so, getting into the Clubhouse app is not as easy as it seems.

How Clubhouse Started

This venture started with its key developers: Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. They kept this project silent for over three months.

During that time, they went on to develop Clubhouse with a few friends as part of the early beta test.

The first post they made on their site came up on July 10, 2020. Here, they explained how they recount their development. They also explained the gist of the project.

During this time, they went with the “build quietly” approach. Even so, the project gained traction as more people wanted to try Clubhouse out.

This brought in about 600,000 registered users to the platform. Its popularity started with the Silicon Valley crowd.

Since then, its user base has broadened in scope. Now, it includes venture capitalists and a variety of celebrities.

What Clubhouse Offers

Currently, Clubhouse uses a pilot program for its users. Those chosen in this pilot program get the opportunity to run shows through the app, such as celebrity talk shows, networking events, and theatrical performances.

It also opens up discussion opportunities, such as those that cover industry-specific or educational topics. April Tucker, a veteran real estate agent from Nebraska, was naturally drawn to those in her industry. She has access to the best and the brightest in the industry. ” What I have learned is that Clubhouse is thriving at is filling educational gaps across many industries on subjects you don’t learn in school,” Tucker said. “The real-time lessons I have learned over the last few weeks have been eye-opening and game-changing for my business.”

What I have learned is that Clubhouse is thriving at is filling educational gaps. ~ April Tucker

What makes this approach interesting is how much it can draw audiences of thousands. It also has rooms that host a smaller audience but this has a more dedicated following. Being able to speak freely about trending topics makes this app amazing in SEO terms, too.

Twitch or YouTube with its video streaming approach; compared to those two platforms, Clubhouse takes up a different mix. Here, you get to see room hosts as a part live streamer, part podcast host, and part community manager.

The top creators within the Clubhouse app are people who have magnetic personalities. This allowed them to attract audiences on their own. This makes it a great platform for those who are looking to hold seminars, such as leadership coaching talks. Tucker is using the Clubhouse app to help develop her growing team of agents. “I am learning techniques to fine-tune real estate processes and systems from top performing agents in massive markets that I would have never have known if it weren’t for Clubhouse.” said, Tucker.

What attracts these listeners to these content creators? It is the desire to hear and listen to what they have to say. It also opens up a chance to also share and weigh in with their responses and reactions. April Tucker, a veteran realtor in Nebraska, was drawn to the app. “I started hearing the phrase “the power of clubhouse” and about opportunities to connect in real-time with industry professionals. This was intriguing enough to pique my interest but when I heard that national leaders and coaches in my industry were available to speak to in real-time with no video involved I knew I had to get an invite stat.”

Christopher Slater is the former President of a nationally known networking organization. Slater says, “For those who have missed being able to attend events, parties, and larger gatherings during the pandemic, Clubhouse is a unique way to mimic such larger social interactions otherwise not happening.   It’s not at all the same as an in-person event, but an exciting way to be involved, and another example of how technology allows us to be connected and efficient via virtual platforms.”

How Clubhouse Works

To become part of its user base, you need to sign up for the waiting list. Although the app is still in its beta phase, you can download the app on the App Store and reserve your user name.

Let’s say you have the app installed and launched. At that point, you should see the rooms with the various topics available for you to sit and join in. In each room, you see other people in there as well, joining you in the discussion.

While in these rooms, you can listen in to the conversation as the speaker leads the topic. You can choose to mute your microphone to ensure they keep going with their discourse. You can also choose to unmute and raise your hand to get the chance to speak up and chime in.

For this platform, you do not see any form of private messaging or written comments. What you have in here is pure audio. Instead of written words, your voice becomes the vessel of your thoughts and insights.

This particular setup is what makes the app stand out. Its innovation takes a different path.

It has some similarities to the now-defunct Blab. This one took on the video live-streaming approach. Since then, the platform ceased its operations back on August 12, 2016.

The audio-only approach was something that was not done by any other social media app or site thus far. This is what puts a claim to Clubhouse’s novelty as a social media app.

Who Is in the Room?


Entering a room in the Clubhouse app, you would notice this setup. You see about 5-20 people as main speakers who share in the discussion. Meanwhile, you have hundreds sitting in as the audience.

It may seem surprising at first. Note that this is a common occurrence in every room.

These listeners remain quiet. Meanwhile, the speakers weigh in with their thoughts and advice. It works as if you entered an event inside a function hall.

Noting how even though a Clubhouse room has the capacity of up to 2,000 users, it fits the visualization well. Although you still have others on the waiting list, this setup has a lot of potentials that has yet to go into full force.

Despite this, this becomes an interesting venue for several high-profile personalities. Here, you get to see the likes of Oprah, MC Hammer, and Jared Leto in any of these rooms.

Other figures you might notice here include Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. Drake and Ashton Kutcher are also among these users.

Here, you can converse with them, along with other prominent figures. On the Silicon Valley side, you have the likes of Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, as well as Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover.

Here, you can also find Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. These two are venture capitalists who invested in Clubhouse.

Here, you can rub shoulders with April Tucker from Omaha!

You can see how these prominent figures gather in such a place. It proves how Clubhouse is a place ripe with opportunities and Tucker is going to take full advantage of those.

The Fear of Missing Out

We mentioned earlier how the Clubhouse app uses an audio-only setup, especially when compared to all major social media platforms.

We also mentioned how the content and the topics covered vary among the people you follow. What else should you pay attention to about Clubhouse? It is in how it does not record or save any of the conversations within the app.

The result is that the content shared in Clubhouse holds no form of permanence. This drums up the urgency and the fear of missing out.

You might be on the lookout for a particular topic, only to find it vanish without warning as the time for it was already finished.

Christopher Slater is no stranger to creating award-winning marketing campaigns for clients. He believes the ephemeral state of content drums up FOMO, it also provides you a sense of privacy. Note that tidbit about privacy in mind.

Slater says, “The Clubhouse app is a dynamic new social platform for professionals or anyone with a thirst for information and new ways to interact.   Think of it as an amalgamation of content and interactions ranging from conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and live podcast-style moderator-led conversations. Imagine it as sort of a conference call, only better, where folks have the opportunity to take turns speaking on the designated topic as invited or directed by the moderator.” Simply put, you don’t want to miss out.

It allows people to share sensitive details that they do not mention anywhere else. This adds a degree of confidentiality to the whole conversation.

Consider the number and variety of topics you would encounter in the many rooms hosted by Clubhouse users.

You can see how this becomes a helpful channel in obtaining the advice you need. If you want to test out something, this is a good place to share those ideas.

Upcoming Improvements in the Future

Clubhouse shows promise and potential. Even so, it also has some wrinkles that need ironing out. Right now, the benefits far outweigh a few glitches here and there.

The creators of the app also expressed their sentiments, especially on the matter of needing more people to join their staff. Efforts that need improvement include content moderation, among other aspects that need improvements.

Another aspect that Clubhouse would enforce and reinforce is their community guidelines. They still have some details that needed proper evaluation to deal with the complaints of bad behavior and abuse. That and harassment are among the challenges posed when conversations are off the record.

One case that comes up involves the reports on racist content on the site. Rooms involving anti-Semitic and other racist sentiments popped up, thus prompting reports from other users about such matters.

In-app safety features are also in the list of plans that the creators aim to include in the app. Among the features under deliberation include the blocking feature.

Overall, the aim is to provide a safe space for discussion and to have an inclusive haven for voices to interact. This means preventing echo chambers and providing more channels for civil discourse.

Will Clubhouse Stay Longer?

Here are some reasons why this social media platform has the staying power it needs. To start, Clubhouse has a current value of $100 million after receiving $12 million from Andreesen Horowitz. While the value speaks much on what would go in the app’s development, it offers attractive features and elements to prospective newcomers.

What Clubhouse offers is the feeling of connection, without the need to open up the camera. All it needs is the user’s voice to share their thoughts, giving the feeling of a group call that everyone can join in. The beauty of such a setup is in how it encourages human connection and interaction.

Users may also choose to listen and lurk around in the background instead of joining in. This allows people to multitask while having the chatter run along. You can see how this proves useful to people working on various tasks and chores at home or work, all while letting the conversation fly by and go on like a live podcast.

As it is, the platform shows promise. Its current “invite-only” setup promotes a sense of exclusivity. Considering its user base, it makes sense when you have these prominent figures on the platform.

Despite this, being able to join this network of prominent figures is an opportunity that you should not pass up. For now, the best thing that you can do is sign up for the waiting list until the app rolls out on its official release.

Witness This Innovation on Major Social Media Platforms

The Clubhouse app stands out as a worthy addition to the list of major social media platforms. It gives social networking a new avenue for self-expression and thoughtful discussion. While the website is still a work in progress, you can download the app now and sign up for their waiting list.

Do you want to be as viral and note-worthy as Clubhouse is? This all comes down to how you market your business to your customers. Check our SEO marketing services and watch your brand climb to the top of search engine pages today!

Clubhouse is a dynamic new social platform for professionals or anyone with a thirst for information and new ways to interact.   Think of it as an amalgamation of content and interactions ranging from conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and live podcast-style moderator-led conversations. Imagine it as sort of a conference call, only better, where folks have the opportunity to take turns speaking on the designated topic as invited or directed by the moderator.

For those who have missed being able to attend events, parties, and larger gatherings during the pandemic, Clubhouse is a unique way to mimic such larger social interactions otherwise not happening.   It’s not at all the same as an in-person event, but an exciting way to be involved, and another example of how technology allows us to be connected and efficient via virtual platforms.

Interested in learning more about how the Clubhouse App can increase revenue, drive profits, and nourish you professionally? Schedule an appointment with a strategic consultant from 316 Strategy Group.

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